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Has Your Loved One Been Detained By ICE?

It is devastating when a family member is arrested and faces possible deportation. It is even worse when immigrants sit in a jail or ICE detention center for weeks or months until their immigration hearing. Some never see their family before they are deported from the United States.

Lefebvre Law Firm, PLLC, will work to get your loved one released on an immigration bond while they are waiting for their removal hearing. Attorney Liset Lefebvre is a board-certified immigration lawyer with 15 years of experience in U.S. Immigration Courts in Texas and beyond. She also handles deportation hearings and will do everything possible to keep your loved one in the country.

Mrs. Lefebvre can help, but time is short. Call immediately if your loved one has been detained. Se habla español.

Experienced Representation For Immigration Bond Hearings

It all starts when local police or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests an immigrant. They might be lawful permanent residents returning from international travel. They might be in the country without authorization. They might have an expired visa or some other problem with their immigration status. They might be here lawfully but accused of a deportable crime.

In many cases, immigrants are taken to ICE detention facilities far away from their families. Liset Lefebvre will take action to get your family member before an immigration judge to get a bond set.

  • She gathers evidence to convince the judge that the detainee is not a danger to society or a flight risk.
  • She will also seek a bond reduction when the bond is set too high for the family to afford.

Mrs. Lefebvre always makes an effort to talk to the detainee before the bond hearing. She speaks Spanish and believes it is very important for the person to understand their rights and what is happening. She will also stay in contact with the family to keep them informed during this highly anxious and stressful time.

Most bond hearings are conducted by phone or video conference (only during COVID). This allows Mrs. Lefebvre to advocate for your loved one no matter where in Texas or another state they are being held. If the immigration judge agrees to a bond, the person is released from custody to return to their family. They are given a future court date when they must appear in immigration court.

Call An Experienced And Compassionate Immigration Lawyer

Liset Lefebvre truly cares about keeping families together and advocating for the rights of immigrants. She is board-certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Liset Lefebvre has represented clients in hundreds of bond hearings and removal (deportation) proceedings.

To arrange a consultation, call the Plano office of Lefebvre Law Firm, PLLC at 972-665-9793 or contact the firm by email. Se habla español.