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Bringing Family Members To The United States

Permanent residency, better known as “the green card” process, is provided to the immediate family members of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents.

A Lawful Permanent Resident does not have the same priorities as a U.S. Citizen. In Immigration Law, the concept of immediate family is limited to spouses, children and parents of American citizens. Unfortunately, it does not include Children older than 21 years of age. The immediate family of U.S. Citizens are called “immediate relatives” and their processing times to obtain a green card are shorter.

Factors Affecting Processing Time

The processing times for family members of Lawful Permanent Residents are longer for family members of U.S. citizens that are not considered immediate relatives. Each relationship has a category, and each category has a specific waiting period based on the number of people applying during a particular year. It also depends on your age and your marital status.

Several essential points must be kept in mind when discussing family based petitions for permanent residency, who can petition for who, how long does it take, and whether you can obtain a green card in the United States or whether you must consular process at a U.S. Embassy abroad. Immigration Law is complicated, and every case is unique.

To ensure you have the perfect strategy for your green card case, we recommend that you schedule a consultation to speak with us as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take if my US citizen parent or if my US citizen child petitions for me?

A U.S. Citizen parent or a child older than 21 years old can petition for their immediate families, parents and children younger than 21 years old and the process takes approximately 12 – 18 months.

How long does it take if my LPR spouse petitions for me?

A permanent resident can petition for his/her spouse and children younger than 21 years old, but this process takes between 2 and 4 years.

I am a Lawful Permanent Resident, can I petition for my 21 year-old child?

Yes, however, your child must not be married, and it can take more than 7 years, and your son or daughter cannot marry while their petition is pending.

My Father is a U.S. Citizen, I am married, can he petition for me?

Yes, however, depending on your country of birth, it can take anywhere from 10 years or more. The processing times vary. By the time you read this, the processing times could have changed, so it is best to consult.

How long does it take if my brother or sister petitions for me?

Only an American citizen can petition for his/her brother and it takes anywhere from 10 -20 years.  It depends on the movement of the US Visa Bulletin published by the U.S. Department of State every month. For an up to date time, please consult.

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