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Effective and Successful
Dallas Texas
June 18, 2019

Liset is kind, understanding, efficient and knowledgeable. I was lucky to find her, she knows the best strategies and techniques to have an effective and successful case, she always provided me with the information I needed to proceed with my immigration case, even after hours she always responded to my questions, my case was probably one of the most difficult but thanks to her dedication, patience, knowledge and experience I got approved, I hired her when I was in removal proceedings and now after little more than a year I have become an American citizen. I recommend her and her team highly to anybody that needs help with any immigration situation.

Excellent Service
January 21, 2020

Attorney Liset Lefebvre Martinez represented my father in removal proceedings before the Dallas Immigration Court in an almost impossible situation, and was able to win his case and keep him legal in the United States after winning an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals. It took time, but she kept fighting and we finally won! Now he is free and is able to remain legally in the United States. My family and I are very happy and reunited once again thanks to all her hard work. She never gave up and kept fighting and I will never forget these words from her ” even if they say no we will keep fighting until we get a yes” Thank you Liset!!!

Keily Garcia
Satisfied by Professional Skills
June 9, 2019

I hired attorney Liset Lefebvre to prepare a response to the USCIS Request of Additional Evidence followed by the Notice to Deny. I am very much satisfied by the professional skills, intelligence, and efficiency of Mrs. Lefebvre. Due to her efforts, my application for citizenship has been approved. I strongly recommend her as a high-quality professional in difficult immigration cases.

Arkadii Krokhin
The Best Immigration Attorney
June 15, 2017

Professional, trustworthy, an expert in her field of work. We are thankful to have found her! She helped us in the process to obtain my green card. She is the best! She was the only attorney that actually provided us information about the Cuban Adjustment and told us how that applied to my case. She was very friendly and very knowledgeable; she explained and guided us in every step of the process. Her professionalism, honesty and hard work produced success. I got my green card in a very quick time-frame. Liset is an amazing person and she truly cares for her clients. We highly recommend!

Amparo & Robin
Best Attorney!
June 17, 2018

My immigration case was quite complex and had been pending for over 5 years. Because I had to move several times during this process, I hired immigration attorneys in Los Angeles, Orange, County and McAllen, TX. None of them even come close to Liset’s degree of expertise and drive. She went out of her way to make sure she could attend my immigration interview even though she had a previous commitment. I’ve never felt so well represented before a government official as I did with Liset next to me. With a single meeting, she was able to make a strong case in my favor and within a few weeks, I received my green card.

I highly recommend her
May 30, 2019

This is my recommendation letter for Liset Lefebvre as an immigration lawyer. My husband had a very complicated case with immigration and this was the fight for his life to stay in the United States. We were blessed with his victory to stay. Thanks to her Extensive work and here extensive file she prepared submitted to the government. She prepped us meticulously. She answered any and all questions we had through this process. You will not be disappointed when you use her as your attorney. She is well known in immigration court and that’s what you need. I highly recommend her.

Jessica Rodriguez
Liset is a great lawyer!
February 18, 2019

Liset helped me fill out forms I-90 for green card & N-400 for Naturalization. She worked very diligently in my case and was always available to answer questions. I dare to say she put more effort into the process than even myself. She reminded me of my interviews the day before they were scheduled and always kept in touch. Besides helping me out with my case, Liset really cared about me as a person.

Forever thankful
November 28, 2019

So unbelievably thankful for Liset. I could not recommend her enough, she is so kind, professional and will make sure your immigration process goes as smoothly as possible! She went above and beyond with helping my husband become a citizen as well as helping me through my green card process. Forever thankful for Attorneys like Liset who really care about their clients.

Maria Salinas