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Best Immigration Attorney in DFW
Posted by Laura | July 14, 2023

Attorney Liset and her staff were very helpful with my husbands immigration case. My husband’s case was very complicated and not every attorney was willing to take it. Liset without a doubt said she had dealt with worse cases. She was direct and always informed us of any good/bad updates about our case. She was very patient and kind in the middle of our frustration sometimes. After a long almost 11 months process my husband was finally released with his permanent resident card waiting for him at attorney Liset’s office. It was not an easy and quick fight. This one was a process and a waiting period for our family. All praise and honor was given to God for this miracle. We always prayed for Attorney Liset and knew without a doubt that God would give us all the Victory. Gaby thank you for all your help and patience with me as well. We appreciate everything you all did for us. My girls and my mother-in-law will be forever grateful with you Attorney Liset. They finally get to have daddy home, they thanked you and I sure did give them a big hug on your behalf. Blessings to all the staff. We will always recommend and use y’all for future needs.

An Excellent Immigration Attorney
July 7, 2023

We first met Attorney Liset when my family and I needed to consult with an attorney on something related to immigration. We found Liset after our online research on past user feedback and ratings. We were so impressed with Liset’s professionalism and the simple way she explained to us all our questions that when we actually needed to hire an immigration attorney a year later, we didn’t do any more research and straight went to Liset and hired her. And Liset easily proved that we were right in hiring her. Throughout the naturalization process Liset guided us in all steps, explained to us clearly whenever we had questions, and helped us in reaching our goal. She is an excellent immigration attorney in every way. We received great support from Liset’s staff also. My family and I truly appreciate everything Attorney Liset did for us, and we will always be grateful to her!!

Best Attorney
Posted by Alma | May 23, 2023

I highly recommend Liset for all your immigration needs. She’s by far one of the best attorneys out there. She was able to help me and get my permanent residence when 2 other lawyers didn’t do anything for me. She goes above and beyond to try to help you. My life has completely changed because of Liset. Thank you so much!!!!

Posted by Yonas
May 17, 2023

Thank you

I am happy to have Attorney Liset Lefebvre as my lawyer and I would definitely recommend Attorney Liset Lefebvre for any immigration case Thank you very much

If you need an immigration attorney, we highly recommend Liset Lefebvre!
Posted by Sergei | May 14, 2023

When looking for an attorney to handle our immigration case, we called several law firms before we found the Law office of Liset Lefebvre and I am so glad that we have found her. Immigration can be complicated, but not with Liset! We worked with Liset to handle naturalization case for my wife and from the moment we spoke with her, we were confident that she is the one to help us. We were very nervous about the naturalization process since we did not know what to expect and what can pop up during the process. Liset laid everything out for us clearly and guided us through every step of the way. She was always very accessible, responsive, and reliable, and was an extremely knowledgeable resource on timelines, procedures and what to expect from the process from start to finish. It was a pleasure to work with Liset from the initial consultation and throughout the case. She carefully prepared our case, and she also fully prepared my wife for the interview, including questions that might pop up during the interview related to some travel complications in our case. Liset came to the naturalization interview and it gave us peace of mind because we knew what a great attorney was sitting next to my wife. We highly recommend Liset Lefebvre to everyone who need an immigration attorney!

US Citizenship Application
Posted by Divesh | March 9, 2023

Liset Lefebvre and team were superb and very supportive during my US Citizenship Application process. Liset provided excellent guidance and support during the process. I highly recommend using Lefebvre Law Firm for any immigration needs. Thank you again Liset and team for a wonderful experience and an amazing outcome.

Immigration case of status adjust
Posted by Maria | January 29, 2023

Lawyer Lis LeFevre was referred to me from Cynthia Hernandez Attorney in law, Lis and her team are the best lawyers I meet in immigration cases, She did a great job on my case becoming as a permanent resident I very satisfied how they take care on my case. Every called I give them during my process for any questions or concerns the best answers I got. Now I will hire again for another case. Thank you so much Lawyer Lis LeFevre and team!!

Remarkable Firm
Posted by Esther Canales | December 20, 2022

Hello everyone, Our immigration attorney Liset Lefebvre and her team have done an incredible job with my wife’s resident status. She is now a citizen, all thanks to the great work and service the firm has provided. I recommend Attorney Liset to everyone I talked to she is honest and transparent. Thank you.

Time is money, just enjoy the experience
Posted by Sandro Barbaresso | December 2, 2022

Desperate after a long ~20 years waiting for naturalization, decided to step over an attorney to file the assessment. Wrong idea, I didn’t get an attorney, I got a baby-sitting process A-Z in a snap of a finger. You can find professionals that makes the difference, but you can’t find the ones who fix everything in a sole an only instant without tremendous works. A+++ to The Lefebvre team, this will remail in my book for long time.

Excellent client advocate
Posted by Bernard | November 15, 2022

I would definitely recommend Attorney Liset Lefebvre. She is very diligent and cares about her clients. Mrs. Lefebvre and her team were always available to answer any questions and provide guidance. I will be referring Mrs. Lefebvre to any friends/colleagues/family members in the future. Thanks again for being an excellent client advocate.

Excellent Services
Posted by Aitor | October 10, 2022

Having Attorney Lefebvre and her team in charge of our naturalization process was one of those decisions that you are always glad you made. From our first meeting for consultation to the day of our oath ceremony Liset and her team were always involved and making sure things were done right. I really value her straight to the point attitude and her attention to detail all they way to the point of describing almost word by word how the interview was going to be. Even when some unforeseen weather circumstances got in the way, she made sure we had the right information and got us back on track immediately. Thank you, Attorney Liset and Team!

Posted by Chilufya | August 30, 2022

I am grateful for the decision I made to hire Liset Lefebvre Martinez for immigration case. She was very kind, communicated respectfully. Always answered questions and explained in details. She took her time and updated me every single step. She is one of the best immigration lawyers I have ever seen. I recommend her because is the best.

Excellent Attorney!!
By Sunny S.
Jun. 12, 2022

I highly recommend Attorney Liset Lefebvre, she is a great immigration lawyer. Had a very complex case no one would take which took almost 4 years she was able to successfully win my case. She is very attentive and passionate towards her work. She would treat your case as her own. She genuinely cares about her clients, very personable and makes you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

By Purusottam K.
May 24, 2022

I approached Attorney Liset Lefebvre, when I was not getting any traction from my company attorney. My case was complicated as I had multiple I485s, and original case was with AAO. She helped me with the options which my company attorney didn’t helped with. Additionally, my wife’s case was delayed by USCIS. She stayed on top of the case with her constant communication with USCIS and kept the ball going. She is a wonderful attorney, well connected, and very hard working. I will definitely recommend her to my friend who needs any immigration help.

By Javier P.
May 12, 2022

Excellent service. It’s the first time I’ve been treated so well, and I can finally say that a lawyer actually help me and I wasn’t just another customer. I would highly recommend to this Law Firm.

By Anonymous on Jan. 10, 2022

She put an end to a ten-year agony. She was our third lawyer and was amazing in every step of the way. Communication was above and beyond. This was a court representation, she did what she said she would and got me my green card. My wife and I are beyond ecstatic, thankful and grateful for what she did for us.

Leobardo González

Liset Lefebvre was very professional and always responds in a timely manner. She made the process very easy and smooth. I highly recommend and will be acquiring her services anytime I need it.

November 2021
Víctor Arcia

Positivo: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value
After long years of fighting a very intense immigration case I used Lefebvre Law Firm after not seeing good results from a previous lawyer. I used her for 6 months where she fought very hard for me. In the short amount of time, I was her client, she and her assistant Diana was compassionate, explained everything in detail, she went into court ready to win my case.

I highly recommend “Lefebvre law firm”
Thanks again!

July 2021
David / Karina Knelsen

Ms. Lefebvre was kind, thorough and professional. She made sure our case was complete before submitting and we received a positive response after only a short period of time. We would highly recommend her services to others. Our case was approved.

María Rico

Recommended 100% she is a great human being, a caring attorney that gives you all the confidence that you need in these types of situations.  The best attorney and as a human being she is very sincere and very professional.

May 2021
Robert Nass-Worthington

Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value
Liset and her entire office are diligent, well-informed, and caring. I would recommend her to anyone!

April 2021
Linda Milne

I worked with Liset to apply for my US citizenship, truly a great experience. Liset kept me informed, was very responsive to all my questions. She explained all the steps, what would happen, prepared me for the interview etc., I recommend using this law firm was a great experience for me.

February 2021

Lawyer Liset represented my dad Raul Perez Guzman in his case in court and the judge granted his residency. I am so thankful she helped us get my dad back.

December 2020

My husband’s case was in the process of being denied due to urgent requests for additional evidence so we quickly made an appointment with Liset at the Lefebvre Law Firm. They worked quickly and within a week the additional evidence was sent. My petition was approved without an interview in less than 3 weeks. We are beyond thrilled that she was able to work within the 30 day deadline with a very positive outcome.

November 2021
Arshia Batra

Liset helped one of my family members and I can honestly say it has completely changed our lives. At some point you start to lose faith in certain cases but she gave all of us the hope and confidence we needed when we didn’t think there was anything more to do. During the entire immigration process, Liset was highly professional, meticulous and caring. My family and I are extremely grateful to her as she not only helped us with the case, but also helped us as individuals and encouraged us to keep trying. She is passionate about her cases and the families she works with. We recommend her to anyone that needs immigration services, as Liset is truly the best immigration lawyer.

October 2020
AJ Stwok

We needed a lawyer who would not only put in his/her best effort but also think outside the box. The reason we went with Attorney Liset Lefebvre is because she had answered one of our questions online a while back. Out of the top lawyers or attorneys in Texas who had answered, she was the one whose answer not only stood out but gave us a feeling that she knows the Immigration ( USCIS ) law in and out. We are glad we kept her contact information. As she got an I-485 application reopened in less than 2 weeks. If you are someone who is in doubt about who to hire for your green card or anything Immigration related. I highly recommend you to do a consultation with her. She listens and based on my experience she will take your case personally. We have found her to be the best attorney and a great person. Our entire family will now use her services from EAD, Green Card up until the US Citizenship. God directed our steps towards Liset Lefebvre!

UPDATE: In less than 3 months all our cases are approved. Including I-290b, I-601 and I-485 Green Card. Thank you Liset!!!!

A Truly Incredible Lawyer
July 8, 2020

I am highly recommending Mrs. Liset Lefebvre. She is so detailed and highly experienced and knows immigration law by heart. She is so caring and accountable for her clients. I had a big issue with my pending N-400 application, then I decided to hire her, and she walked me through my problem, and finally I became a naturalized citizen of the United States. I genuinely appreciate Mrs. Liset Lefebvre for saving me.

Highly Recommended Lawyer
E. Santos
May 3, 2020

Hi, I’m from California but I am the one who asked for help to Atty Liset, it was my best friend who had a case to file for a request of bond. I spoke to her on phone, she sounds really wants to help and you would feel that she knows what she’s doing. My best friend’s bond was granted. I am very grateful for her cause I thought its going to take long for my best friend to be released but because of her knowledge, skills, competent, the process just went smooth and easily. Thank you Atty Liset, you’re an angel that sent above to my best friend. We would love working with you again.

January 1, 2020

I highly recommend attorney Liset Lefebvre. She did help us to complete our immigration dream. She is very professional, super nice and warm to her clients. We do not live in Dallas, not even in Texas. I never met Attorney Liset Lefebvre in person. Through telephone and email, she did her job perfectly for us. Last month, our son finally be granted U.S. Permanent Resident. We are so happy we hired Attorney Liset Lefebvre and she is so beyond wonderful!

Effective and Successful
Dallas Texas
June 18, 2019

Liset is kind, understanding, efficient and knowledgeable. I was lucky to find her, she knows the best strategies and techniques to have an effective and successful case, she always provided me with the information I needed to proceed with my immigration case, even after hours she always responded to my questions, my case was probably one of the most difficult but thanks to her dedication, patience, knowledge and experience I got approved, I hired her when I was in removal proceedings and now after little more than a year I have become an American citizen. I recommend her and her team highly to anybody that needs help with any immigration situation.

Excellent Service
January 21, 2020

Attorney Liset Lefebvre Martinez represented my father in removal proceedings before the Dallas Immigration Court in an almost impossible situation, and was able to win his case and keep him legal in the United States after winning an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals. It took time, but she kept fighting and we finally won! Now he is free and is able to remain legally in the United States. My family and I are very happy and reunited once again thanks to all her hard work. She never gave up and kept fighting and I will never forget these words from her ” even if they say no we will keep fighting until we get a yes” Thank you Liset!!!

Keily Garcia
Satisfied by Professional Skills
June 9, 2019

I hired attorney Liset Lefebvre to prepare a response to the USCIS Request of Additional Evidence followed by the Notice to Deny. I am very much satisfied by the professional skills, intelligence, and efficiency of Mrs. Lefebvre. Due to her efforts, my application for citizenship has been approved. I strongly recommend her as a high-quality professional in difficult immigration cases.

Arkadii Krokhin
The Best Immigration Attorney
June 15, 2017

Professional, trustworthy, an expert in her field of work. We are thankful to have found her! She helped us in the process to obtain my green card. She is the best! She was the only attorney that actually provided us information about the Cuban Adjustment and told us how that applied to my case. She was very friendly and very knowledgeable; she explained and guided us in every step of the process. Her professionalism, honesty and hard work produced success. I got my green card in a very quick time-frame. Liset is an amazing person and she truly cares for her clients. We highly recommend!

Amparo & Robin
Best Attorney!
June 17, 2018

My immigration case was quite complex and had been pending for over 5 years. Because I had to move several times during this process, I hired immigration attorneys in Los Angeles, Orange, County and McAllen, TX. None of them even come close to Liset’s degree of expertise and drive. She went out of her way to make sure she could attend my immigration interview even though she had a previous commitment. I’ve never felt so well represented before a government official as I did with Liset next to me. With a single meeting, she was able to make a strong case in my favor and within a few weeks, I received my green card.

I highly recommend her
May 30, 2019

This is my recommendation letter for Liset Lefebvre as an immigration lawyer. My husband had a very complicated case with immigration and this was the fight for his life to stay in the United States. We were blessed with his victory to stay. Thanks to her Extensive work and here extensive file she prepared submitted to the government. She prepped us meticulously. She answered any and all questions we had through this process. You will not be disappointed when you use her as your attorney. She is well known in immigration court and that’s what you need. I highly recommend her.

Jessica Rodriguez
Liset is a great lawyer!
February 18, 2019

Liset helped me fill out forms I-90 for green card & N-400 for Naturalization. She worked very diligently in my case and was always available to answer questions. I dare to say she put more effort into the process than even myself. She reminded me of my interviews the day before they were scheduled and always kept in touch. Besides helping me out with my case, Liset really cared about me as a person.

Forever thankful
November 28, 2019

So unbelievably thankful for Liset. I could not recommend her enough, she is so kind, professional and will make sure your immigration process goes as smoothly as possible! She went above and beyond with helping my husband become a citizen as well as helping me through my green card process. Forever thankful for Attorneys like Liset who really care about their clients.