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How can I get my bond money back?

The Obligor, meaning the person that went to the ICE / ERO Field Office to pay the bond, can now request DHS return their bond.

First however, the foreign national must have proof they complied with ICE-Check in or attending final immigration hearing, such as:

  • Immigration Judge’s Order showing their case was Dismissed or Terminated with the Immigration Court
  • Copy of their green card / lawful permanent resident card
  • If the foreign national departed/self-deported the country without completing removal proceedings, they will need proof of departure (this presents challenges, but still possible to make the request)

What do I need to request my bond money back?

The Obligor, person that posted the bond, needs to have:

  • Form I-352, Immigration Bond and
  • Form I-305, Receipt of Immigration Officer
  • Form I-333, Obligor Change of Address (if Obligor changed address after posting bond)

Foreign Nation, person who the bond was posted for, should have the Judge’s order, signed or certified.

How can my lawyer help?

The Obligor needs to hire the attorney. If you are the foreign national or now a lawful permanent resident or a person that had their case dismissed or terminated by an Immigration Judge or you were granted relief in immigration court, you will need to schedule a consultation along with the Obligor to discuss representation.

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